See what professionals in the field are saying about frontline scribe.

“Ms Flanagan, with her wealth of knowledge and un-paralleled expertise confidently taught a group of individuals who, during the Games provided direct support to Commanders across the Games footprint. Fiona’s passion and firm understanding of the importance of the scribe’s role is evident as she routinely presents a dynamic and engaging course. As an industry expert, Fiona’s skills and abilities as an instructor are un-paralleled. She is undoubtedly an asset to any organization.”
— Mike McDonell, Supt Integrated Security Unit, Ontario Provincial Police
“I have known Fiona for nearly 15 years. As lead Crown Counsel in the Air India prosecution I worked closely with her as she handled both witness management and security issues throughout the nearly three years of trial. I have seen her with the public, the media, her colleagues, the judiciary, and both lawyers and staff in our offices and can state, unequivocally, she is respected by everyone she deals with in both her personal and professional capacities.
I would give Fiona the highest recommendation possible. I would retain her services again with our office in an instant.”
— Robert H. Wright, Q.C. Executive Director Special Prosecutions
“Great course, learned a lot! I found the case studies very helpful , along with seeing Fiona’s notes as examples. I thoughts the scenario on Friday was great practice and flowed very well!”
— Student of October 2015 Major Event Scribe Course.
“Fiona Flanagan was an incredibly skilled presenter and it was obvious that it was to due to her depth of course content knowledge that there was a coordinated and well thought out delivery approach. Her providing time throughout the course to “put into practice” what was being taught enabled me to make the connection between theory and practice- in a safe environment, without fear of making mistakes. One of the better facilitated courses I’ve been on!”
— Student of October 2015 Major Event Scribe Course.