What is Frontline Scribe?

We are a unique training service that provides courses and workshops for law enforcement, first responder and government agencies, where the decisions made by those in charge, need not just to be tracked, but recorded accurately and timely, in an often dynamic, high stress environment. Students are taught to think five years down the road – when your Commander is sitting “in the box” at an inquiry, inquest or other court proceeding, they are using those notes to articulate, not just what they did, but why they did and why they did it then. As our tagline says “The notes of today become the testimony of tomorrow.”

Do you know what Command Post (CP) Boards are? Are you looking to incorporate Boards into your EOC? Learn how with Frontline Scribe.

The boards are the “snapshot” of the call. Traditionally they do not track decisions; they are operational in nature and provide a chronological picture of an event, the resources deployed, key personnel involved, tasks, among other information. The boards are based on the proven first responder system of SMEAC (Situation, Mission, Execution, Admin/Assets, Command / Control / Communications). The boards allow for seamless briefings during dynamic or protracted events and free the Commander and staff to focus on decision making, rather than briefing incoming personnel. The boards are a great visual tool to what is happening, who is where, what assets are in place or coming. Boards serve as reminder to people in the Command Post or EOC as what needs to done, what gaps need to be filled. The boards can be used to brief off and saves the Commander from constantly providing basic information to new people attending the CP for instructions or deployment.

Who Teaches the course?

Fiona Flanagan, President and Founder of Frontline Scribes has over 30 years of service with the RCMP and over twenty with the RCMP Critical Incident Command (CIC) Program.

"I was a developer and Facilitator of the National Critical Incident Command Scribe Course, a Scribe with RCMP E Division HQ ERT and RCMP LMDERT and the E Division Scribe Coordinator until my retirement. I was the Scribe Coordinator for E Division Migrant Ships files (RCMP / Joint Ops / CBSA / Border Integrity / Homeland Security among others), the Scribe Coordinator for 2010 Olympic Games and deployed with LMD ERT during the Games. I was Scribe for the Gold Commander at G8 / G20 (Toronto). I have scribed on a number of high profile and or critical incidents in both BC and Alberta (joint operations). Since retiring from my previous position of Manager, RCMP "E" Division Witness Coordination Services Unit, I have been under contract with RCMP Major Crime and LMD ERT, as well as teaching my Scribe courses across the country.

I have developed and facilitated Scribe courses and or training workshops for: Vancouver PD,  Integrated Municipal ERT Team, RCMP LMD ERT, Calgary Police Services, Delta PD, Victoria PD,  Ottawa Police Services, Canadian Police College, Edmonton Police Services, Nunavut RCMP Detachment, Transit Police Services, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). Ontario Power Group, Corporation of Delta, Hamilton City Fire Emergency Services, Worksafe BC, Edmonton Oilers Entertainment Group/KATZ Group, Burnaby RCMP, CFSEU, Surrey Detachment Emergency Planning, Port Moody Police Department.

I was contracted to the 2015 Pan-American Games Integrated Security Unit (ISU) to train the CIC scribes, where I trained scribes from eight different agencies. (OPP, Hamilton Police Services, Durham Regional Police Services, Peel Regional Police, Niagara Regional Police, Halton Regional Police, South Simcoe Police Service, York Regional Police).

I have Tabletop and full-scale exercise experience as a Scribe, writer, facilitator and assessor.  Exercises include active shooter, CBRNE, boat and aircrafts assaults and terrorist related incidents.

While working on high risk / high profile criminal trials I coordinated and conducted training sessions with partner agencies, such as BC Sheriffs and  as well as inter-agency units including facilitating tabletops and exercises with BC Sheriff Services and other stakeholders engaged in high profile / high risk criminal trials. I have a current RCMP Top Secret Security Clearance and ICS 400.